Corporate & Social Responsibility

Mast-Jaegermeister UK as a family company takes a responsible approach to all aspects of its business, including its philosophy in marketing its products to those consumers who are of legal drinking age, and who choose to drink alcohol.


We’re conscious of our impact on the business environment, our use of resources and MJUK’s responsibility to society and the communities in which it operates.

We’re proactive in connecting with the trade associations that represent the spirits sector to Government and to the regulatory authorities that license MJUK to operate.

Mast-Jaegermeister UK focuses on FIVE key areas as its CSR Policy:

  1. Promoting Responsible Consumption
  2. Responsible Marketing
  3. Environment
  4. People
  5. Philanthropy

Promoting Responsible Consumption

Mast-Jaegermeister UK takes care to only sell to LDA + consumers and avoids selling to underage consumers by working with retail consumers proactively.

We also have experiential marketing campaigns which retail the brands directly to LDA+ consumers, and therefore its employees and agencies are fully trained to promote responsible consumption, avoid under age sales and to reduce the risk of excessive drinking which can lead to anti-social behaviour.

We are a member of the Portman Group, a leadership industry organization where the major UK drinks companies (beers, wines and spirits) work in partnership with other stakeholders to promote  responsible drinking .

MJUK is a funder of the Drinkaware Trust, which promotes responsible drinking to consumers and provides information on alcohol consumption.

Responsible Marketing

We abide by the industry codes of practice for all marketing communications .The CAP codes cover all social media and broadcast /non broadcast media. The Portman Group covers naming, packaging, promotional and sponsorship activity.

In addition, Mast-Jaegermeister UK has its own responsible Marketing Code and all commercial employees receive regular training.

The Code covers FIVE key principles.

  • Jägermeister is intended for adults of legal purchase age who choose to drink
  • Jägermeister’s commitment to responsible consumption is an important, integral component of all advertising and marketing practices
  • Jägermeister encourages responsible decision making regarding the consumption of alcohol and discourages misuse
  • Jägermeister marketing and advertising should reflect generally accepted standards of good taste
  • Jägermeister marketing and advertising abides by all UK laws, voluntary regulations and codes
  • We have a clear compliance and reporting process to ensure that our marketing materials are independently checked to meet these standards.


As we import our brands already pre-packed and ready for physical distribution, we endeavour to restrict the business impact on our environment through our office policy, saving energy and reducing waste, and providing in-house catering and refreshments to meet different dietary needs.

We work closely with our third party suppliers within our supply chain to promote environmentally friendly initiatives.

We have an in-house bar for recipe development purposes, but social consumption is only for celebratory occasions.

We have a specialist procurement team to ensure that not only are the materials procured for the business are compliant with health and safety regulations, but also meet UK laws and regulations on Child Labour and Human Rights. We aim to have a transparent supply chain covering both UK and international suppliers.


We support the Wine and Spirits Trade’s Benevolent Society by supporting their activities and fund raising events. We encourage all employees to raise funds for their own charity interests and the MJUK matches funds raised to a certain limit.

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