Jägermeister unveils brand new super-premium spirit… JÄGERMEISTER MANIFEST

Jägermeister is set to shake up the spirits market with the launch of the world’s first super-premium herbal liqueur this March, available exclusively in select high-end bars, restaurants, hotels and clubs.

Designed to appeal to the more discerning drinker, Jägermeister Manifest is based on the brand’s original secret recipe, but in true Jägermeister style, breaks the rules with additional botanicals added to the 56 herbs, roots and spices. The result – a new and unique taste profile, albeit one that is distinctly Jägermeister, with a higher ABV of 38%. Manifest provides a full-bodied, robust mix of flavours which are skilfully blended to boast notes of rich oak, sweet aniseed and dried fruit, which give way to subtle spices and vanilla elements. Due to the product’s premium production process, Manifest is best enjoyed neat and slightly chilled, between six and eight degrees.

As leaders in speciality spirits, Jägermeister uses its expertise and unrivalled knowledge in herbal craft to produce truly unique products and drive innovation in the category. As the first super-premium line extension in the brand’s 80 year history, Jägermeister Manifest sets itself apart from other spirits on the market through its unique production process. The spirit is expertly crafted using a two-fold maturation process and is double-barrelled matured in both small and large oak casks for over a year, to intensify flavours.

The super-premium nature of the herbal liqueur is reflected in its clear bottle design which showcases the bright amber spirit as well as a bronze version of the iconic Jägermeister stag emblem that is hand-applied to each individual bottle. Whilst the design embraces a distinct character that sets it apart from its original counterpart, the spirit remains true to Jägermeister’s legendary heritage.

Nicole Goodwin, Marketing Director, Mast-Jaegermeister UK, comments: “Jägermeister Manifest not only reflects our leadership in herbal craft and our investment in the growing premium spirits category, it also signifies a shift in perceptions of the Jägermeister brand. In recent years, we have focused on developing close-working, long term relationships with the UK’s top bartenders and trade partners to tap into the huge opportunity the herbal liqueur market represents. Jägermeister Manifest brings something original to market whilst embracing Jägermeister’s core values which is to provide versatility, quality and craft to the spirits world.

“Having cemented our relationship with frontrunners in the bartending world with Jägermeister original, it feels now is the perfect time for a trusted brand like Jägermeister to launch a brand new super-premium offering. We expect Manifest will not only appeal to new consumers who are looking for fine, quality spirits they can appreciate and savour, but also to existing Jägermeister fans who trust the brand and want to try something unique.”

Manifest will be available exclusively in select high-end bars, restaurants, hotels, and clubs. On-trade licensees can enquire about stocking Jägermeister Manifest by contacting Gerry’s Wines and Spirits, Soho or Mast-Jaegermeister UK customer service team; customerservices@jaegermeister.co.uk

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