Mast-jaegermeister uk launches new initiative to help licensees tap into the £800m shot market

German spirit brand redefines the shot category with ‘give it a shot’ initiative

Mast-Jaegermeister UK, the supplier and distributer of Jägermeister in the UK is launching a new initiative to change the way licensees think about the shot market in order to boost sales and drive growth within the category.

The category accounts for 15.2% of the total spirits value in the on trade, worth £819m, and with growing consumer demand for more complex tastes, the German speciality spirit brand has identified key opportunities for the on trade to tap into what is an incremental sales opportunity.

Every 1% increase of the shots category is worth £58.5m in the on trade and with 50% of shot sales being incremental, Jägermeister aims to help grow this share with its Give It A Shot category initiative – which defines ‘Shots’ as ‘party spirits that are traditionally consumed neat in a shot format, but that also lend themselves to long serves including cocktails due to their complex taste profiles’.

Based on global expertise, local knowledge and unique insight, Give It A Shot illustrates steps outlets can take to increase their shot spirits sales and tap into this increasingly valuable profit opportunity.

Key take outs from the initiative include:

43% of consumers have not decided what they want when they reach bar so visibility is key as 60% of consumers will not buy what they cannot see

The quality of the brands stocked and the way an outlet serves their drinks says a great deal about the outlet. Adding theatre to presentation – such as serving miniature bottles of Jägermeister in a bowl of ice instead of traditional shot glasses – will encourage repeat purchase

Consumers are willing to pay a bit more for quality – so look at opportunities up-sell to premium brands for greater profits. E.g suggest a ‘Deer & Beer’ (a shot of Jägermeister to accompany a pint) when customers order a round of beers

Make the most of seasonality and time of day to change the consumer drinking journey – recommend new ways to enjoy shots such as a digestiv or aperitif – a trend which is likely to grow in the next five years

Mast-Jaegermeister UK, Customer Marketing & Insights Controller, Jonathan Dennys said: “As the nation’s drinking habits are evolving, there is a great opportunity for outlets to tap into these trends and make the most of our changing tastes. Taking advantage of the dwell time at the bar is critical as good outlets can influence the purchasing decision with some very simple changes and actions, which could reap massive rewards in terms of sales and long term repeat purchases.

“To support our trade partners, we are working on a range of tools to help outlets maximise the category such as our ‘Deer & Beer’ bar mats which will provide bar staff with an easy way to up-sell sales of shots alongside more traditional drinks and encourage outlets to start thinking proactively about other ways to create standout.”

The Jägermeister UK sales force will be developing bespoke solutions with their customers and communicating this new approach during visits to ensure licensees are maximising the sales opportunity the category represents.

Best served as an ice cold shot, Jägermeister is a unique herbal liqueur and the UK’s third best-selling spirit that was developed by Curt Mast from a secret recipe and launched in Germany 80 years ago. The liqueur is made using a secret blend of 56 different herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits from all over the world and this secret recipe has not changed since it was first made. The pure and natural ingredients used within Jägermeister guarantee a high quality finish, and authentic taste.

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