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Jägermeister is the UK’s number one best-selling speciality spirit in the off-trade and is experiencing an 18% growth in distribution in the convenience market.

How you can generate more sales of Jägermeister in the off-trade

  • Promote party time.

    One of the most significant trends in the spirits industry has been the emergence of the ‘party shot spirits’: a concept that the Mast-Jaegermeister UK is championing to bring new energy and focus to the highly profitable Speciality Spirits category. The ‘Party Shots Spirits’ category includes spirits that are traditionally consumed neat in a shot format but could also lend themselves to long serves due to their versatile taste profile. It includes Jägermeister, Jägermeister Manifest, Tequila, Sambuca and other herbal liqueurs. The bulk of these brands fit within non-cream liqueurs, which is now one of the most buoyant sub-categories within spirits.

    But there’s still away to go and still potential for huge growth; if the off-trade share of shots was to increase to even half of its on-trade share, this would equate to £262.5m, creating a massive £198m sales opportunity. Off-trade customers who are capitalising on this opportunity by merchandising the ‘party shot spirits’ correctly and creating dedicated shelves at eye level for consumers with clearly visible in-store POS will benefit.

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  • Shots are on the rise.

    Enjoying drinks at home is on the increase: in the past year this trend passed an important milestone when it emerged that households had spent more on alcohol consumption at home than they did in pubs, bars and restaurants. Shot consumption is following this trend: “A drink before going out” is now the most important off-trade occasion for 18-24 year olds.

    The shot category is already worth £64.5m in the off-trade, but there is still plenty of room for growth, with shots still only accounting for 1.8% of total spirits value in the off-trade compared to 14.2% in the on-trade.

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  • Consumer choice.

    Fractional-sized bottles are becoming increasingly popular with consumers, which is why we have introduced permanent price marked bottles across the 50cl, 35cl and 20cl bottle formats (available in convenience stores and wholesale channels) and created a range of POS merchandising materials to help off-trade customers make the most of this opportunity.

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  • Embrace the seasonal.

    Jägermeister has always been at the centre of celebrations, whether people are simply enjoying a big night out with friends or making the most of major seasonal celebrations such as Halloween, Christmas and New Year. It is critical to get the Jägermeister offer right at Christmas, when the brand experiences three-times the uplift of spirits and consumer demand for the brand can lead to high levels of out of stocks. In the impulse sector the uplift on Jagermeister at Christmas is 10 times that of the total spirits market, with demand peaking around New Year.

    Halloween is also becoming an increasingly important seasonal event for the on-trade and has become the time when the Jägermeister brand experiences its largest sales uplift. You can make the most of the seasonal activity by updating your display and in-store activity to tap into these occasions by increasing the visibility of Jägermeister in the fridge and on the shelf to increase sales.

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  • Gifting.

    Premium spirits have become an increasing popular gift at Christmas and birthdays. Although Christmas remains the peak season for gifting purchases, demand outside of Christmas is consistent week to week. Mast-Jaegermeister UK offers a range of gifting options to enable off-trade customers to capitalise on this multi-million pound opportunity with best-selling spirits like Jägermeister.

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