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Jägermeister is sold in some of the UK’s best bars, pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants. It is the UK on-trade’s number two spirits brand and is the most consumed spirit amongst 18-24 year olds.

How you can generate more sales of Jägermeister in the on-trade

  • Serve ice cold.

    Our research tell us that shot drinkers prefer the experience of an Ice Cold shot: in fact, more Jägermeister shots are sold ice cold than any other spirit. But with almost half of all Jägermeister shots still served at room temperature, there’s plenty of room for growth.

    Investing in Jägermeister’s premium tap machine and freezers is a proven way to boost sales.

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  • Mix it up.

    Jägermeister is incredibly versatile and the way the brand is being consumed is changing – more people are drinking it long with a mixer (such as in our key long serve, the Jäger Mule). This has widened the range of the occasions when the brand is being consumed, from high energy, up-tempo times to more relaxed occasions.

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  • Premium POS.

    Market research tells us that consumers are increasingly trading up to more premium products.

    Jägermeister is perceived as a premium brand, which is why we have created a suitably premium range of point of sale products, including decanters, stirrers, ice buckets and stein glassware.

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  • Give consumers something different.

    Consumers are becoming more experimental and are looking for new drinks experiences. This is why on-trade initiatives such as our ‘Deer and Beer’ promotion – combining a purchase of Jägermeister Ice Cold Shots with a round of beers – have proven to be so successful.

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For customers interested in receiving advice and information on trends in the UK on-trade we have created The Liquorist. Curated by Jägermeister’s UK Brand Ambassador, this trend report is published once a quarter and delivered direct to some of the UK’s most influential pubs, bars and clubs.

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