Sales of Ice Cold Jägermeister on FIRE as it becomes the UK’s THIRD best selling spirit brand

Latest CGA data shows impressive leap from seventh to third for iconic German herbal liqueur

Jägermeister, the iconic German herbal liqueur, has leapt from seventh to THIRD1 best selling spirit brand in the UK on-trade, the latest figures from CGA reveal. This considerable growth in the UK market follows on from the recent success of Jägermeister moving up from eighth to seventh place in Impact’s Top 100 list of global brands.

The latest CGA data – which analyses sales in the UK on-trade – has been readjusted to more accurately record sales of all styles of Jägermeister consumption beyond the normal recommended ice cold shot serve. As such, the number one speciality spirit in the UK1 now sits in the top three best selling spirits brands in the UK for the first time, with an impressive growth of 16.1%1.

Jägermeister UK Group Marketing Manager, Nicole Goodwin, said: We’re delighted that now the figures truly reflect the impressive growth of Jägermeister in the UK as we continue to drive the spirits category and increase our distribution. As the original German herbal liqueur, we have grown from a relatively unknown brand in this country to third best selling brand within the space of the last eight years.

We launched our first integrated advertising and marketing campaign last year – ‘It Runs Deep’ – and increased our presence at festivals and music events, to ensure we connect with our core consumers who have really embraced Jägermeister’s unique taste and personality. We are committed to supporting our trade partners to ensure we keep Jägermeister front of mind and drive sales in all channels.

Research from the first phase of the integrated campaign also shows that the activity has been a success with its key target market of 25-35 year olds. The ‘It Runs Deep’ campaign is built upon the brand’s ethos – celebrating the deep and meaningful bonds experienced between true friends and brought together through Jägermeister. The strap line also links directly back to the product and its depth – the brand’s heritage, the alchemy of its secret ingredients, the ice cold serve and multi-layered and complex taste, which all run deep.

Millward Brown research revealed that consumers found the campaign eye-catching and actively engaging, resulting in an increased consideration for the brand. The creative for the campaign was designed to raise awareness of the brand’s preferred serve – as an ice cold shot. Feedback revealed that, on the whole, the campaign has had a positive impact on consumers, with the vast majority absorbing the preferred serve message.

Jägermeister is a unique herbal liqueur that was developed by Curt Mast from a secret recipe of 56 herbs and spices. Globally, 6.9million nine litre cases of Jägermeister were sold in 2012. Jägermeister is distributed in the UK by Cellar Trends. For more information please call: 01283 217703

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Notes to editors:

Jägermeister is distributed in the UK by Cellar Trends.

The It Runs Deep creatives:

‘Give it a Shot’ features the distinctive Jägermeister bottle with two shot glasses set against a deep layered background of the 5 popularly known product ingredients – star anise, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and orange peel (Jägermeister is actually created from 56), all encased in ice. Each element was shot separately in acrylic and the layers were compiled together to create a visually stunning effect. The strap-line reads ‘Give It A Shot. Ice Cold Shot’ with the distinctive stags head logo and ‘It Runs Deep’ as a sign off.

‘Deep Freeze’ features the Jägermeister bottle dramatically frozen within a block of clear ice and two shot glasses set in front. The deep layered background of ingredients encased in ice remains while the strap-line reads ‘Deep Freeze. Ice Cold Shot’ with the ‘It Runs Deep’ sign off in the corner. Photography is by award winning photographer James Day.

Jägermeister Overview:

  • Made using a secret blend of 56 different herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits including star anise, cinnamon bark and ginger roots, the recipe has not changed since its inception
  • Jägermeister is the World’s 7th best-selling premium spirit brand (according to Impact International)
  • Jägermeister is the 3rd largest spirit brand in the UK on trade (CGA Brand Index Volume MAT to 29.12.2012 P13 2012)
  • Jägermeister literally means ‘Master Hunter’ and the distinctive Jägermeister stag head logo refers to the legend of St. Hubertus – the patron saint of Hunters. Inventor Curt Mast was himself a passionate hunter and dedicated his new liqueur to fellow hunters
  • Jägermeister is made by Mast-Jägermeister SE, in Wolfenbüttel Germany and distributed in the UK by Cellar Trends (
  • Media buying for the campaign was handled by AMS


CGA Data:

  • CGA have recently embarked upon a comprehensive investigation into the EPoS coding used by its multiple managed retail partners, to understand the implications of generic buttons on EPoS tills that include Bombs, Cocktails, Vodka & Energy Drinks and Pitchers
  • CGA have deconstructed the “recipe” that makes up each serve, to capture of multiple ingredients within a single recipe
  • This has provided for the first time, an ability to accurately track all brand volumes through a range of serves and resulted in a restatement of a small number of brand volumes
  • Jägermeister is the brand affected most significantly, due to its extensive volumes derived from ‘bombs’ – which has led to an increase in brand volumes reported in CGA’s Brand Index

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