Mast-Jägermeister SE is continuing the positive trend of the last few years and achieved its best sales result again in the 2013 financial year – global sales of 92.2 million 0.7-litre bottles equate to a rise of three and a half percent on the previous year, in which the company sold 89.2 million bottles. It has also achieved another milestone: for the first time, the world’s largest premium liqueur brand is being sold in 100 countries. This consolidates the 7th place awarded to Jägermeister in Impact International’s definitive Top 100 Premium Spirit Brands, and makes it the only German spirit to appear in the top 90. In 2013, almost 80% of total sales came from abroad.

Internationalisation: strong growth in West and Eastern Europe
In the domestic German market, Jägermeister is continuing the positive development of previous years. According to Nielsen, the market research institute, while the spirits market is experiencing a slight decline overall, the Jägermeister brand is expanding its sales by almost 6%.

Countries such as France, Spain and Russia are exhibiting solid double-digit sales growth. While Spain has proven a huge success for some years now and has long been part of the million-sales market, France doubled its volume in 2013 and, together with Russia, also broke through the million mark for 0.7-litre bottles. The continued development of foreign markets is also boosting growth in Latin America and Asia, with Mexico and South Korea remaining the strongest markets.

New product
The overall sales result is being driven by, among other things, a new liqueur that the company successfully launched last October on the German, Austrian, Hun- garian, Slovenian and US markets and in duty free outlets. Jägermeister Winterkräuter, or Jägermeister Spice (the international name), is a seasonal product that was made available for the first time from the autumn months up to Christmas.

Moderate growth planned
“Because we expect the global economic situation to improve in 2014 and market confidence in the economic areas to continue to rise, we anticipate a moderate increase in sales in the current financial year”, says Paolo Dell’ Antonio, Spokes- man of the Executive Board of Mast-Jägermeister SE, with confidence.