Marketing Code

As a family company, we are aware of our responsibility to the people who consume our products and therefore are committed to the responsible marketing and advertising of our products. We pay special attention to ensure that our sales, marketing, communication, and advertising activities promote the responsible enjoyment of our products by adults of legal purchase age who choose to drink. We are convinced that implementing this code will contribute to the longterm success of our brand.

Download Marketing-Kodex (PDF)

1. For adults only.

Jägermeister is intended for adults of legal purchase age who choose to drink.

2. Committed to responsible consumption

Jägermeister’s commitment to responsible consumption is an important, integral component of all advertising and marketing practices.

3. Discouraging abusive consumption

Jägermeister encourages responsible decision-making regarding the consumption of alcohol and discourages abusive consumption.

4. Honoring community standards

Jägermeister marketing and advertising should reflect generally accepted standards of good taste while recognizing that these standards can vary from nation to nation.

5. Raising the bar

Jägermeister marketing and advertising abides by all laws, regulations, and national self-imposed codes.

The marketing and advertising practices of every country in which we do business will be periodically reviewed to ensure compliance with this Jägermeister Marketing Code.