• The spot “Ode to Nightlife” pays tribute to the night and its cultural significance.
  • Jägermeister continues global initiative to support nightlife communities long- term.
  • Everyone can be part of #SAVETHENIGHT by joining, sharing and giving to performances on www.save-the-night.com.

Wolfenbüttel, 16th of March 2021 – Freedom, creativity, and human connection: Nightlife means being a part of something bigger. With the film “Ode to Nightlife” Jägermeister reminds audiences why the night is worth saving. The spot is a post-modern slideshow. With a reel of iconic nightlife pictures from different decades, the brand broadcasts not only a nightlife manifesto but a rallying cry to save the night. “Ode to Nightlife” is a tribute to club culture and tells a story of musicians, street artists and fashionistas who make the nightlife and the people who love it. The film is part of Jägermeister’s global #SAVETHENIGHT initiative, launched in 2020 to support nightlife communities worldwide. To take the initiative to the next level, the brand counts on the passion of nightlife fans. Because the night is more than a time of day – it’s where who we become begins. The Night is a space for freedom, fun, authenticity and, precisely why it is such an essential part of society and culture one worth saving, now and in the future.

Caption: Jägermeister continues #SAVETHENIGHT and reminds audiences why the night is worth saving with the film “Ode to Nightlife”.

“Being deeply rooted in nightlife, it is our mission to offer the Best Nights, now and in the future, and to make nightlife even better. This also includes challenges beyond Corona”, says Wolfgang Moeller, Global CMO of Mast-Jägermeister SE. “We want to give back to the people who make nightlife possible. That’s our long-term commitment to the nightlife communities and fans worldwide”.

With #SAVETHENIGHT Jägermeister has been able to support more than 1,500 artists, creatives and bartenders from more than 60 countries. The initiative raises awareness for the current situation of thousands of creatives as well as the people that deeply miss going out and celebrating the night. It inspires people all around the world to team up with Jägermeister. Since nightlife is still severely threatened and these challenges will not end with the pandemic, #SAVETHENIGHT is set to continue – with a clear message: Let’s all join forces to save the night.

Substantial financial support continues

Through its “Meister Fund” Jägermeister continues to provide financial support to artists and creators so they can craft various forms of art for audiences to book and enjoy on www.save-the-night.com – from Meister Drop-In’s and Meister Classes to other entertaining content.

#SAVETHENIGHT creates opportunities for Jägermeister’s creative network, their “Meisters” worldwide. The platform brings together artists and nightlife lovers by building authentic ties, sparking ideas, bringing entertainment of the Meister network straight to the people and giving the audience opportunities to personally support. Anyone can join #SAVETHENIGHT and stand by the people who make the night by joining and sharing performances and tipping the artists.

More to come

Jägermeister will also launch the Meister Edition Bottle later this year in selected markets. This special edition will be a further opportunity for fans, consumers and nightlife lovers to personally get involved as part of the proceeds will benefit the #SAVETHENIGHT initiative.

Everyone is invited to join Jägermeister on www.save-the-night.com and check out the film “Ode to Nightlife” on the brand’s social media channels.


More press files https://www.mast-jaegermeister.co.uk/en/save-the-night/