At home in the outdoors

The Jägermeister Coolpack adds a new packaging option for the world-famous herbal liqueur. Alongside the traditional solid glass bottle, it is now available in a lightweight, practical container made of high-quality plastic. Jägermeister can now be part of various outdoor activities, especially wherever glass bottles are not allowed – from festivals to fishing, barbeques, hiking or skiing, the Coolpack is always ready with an ice-cold shot.

Appearing in iconic Jägermeister green, the design and form of the Coolpack resembles a typical ice pack for coolers. A practical choice, since Jägermeister is best enjoyed ice cold at –18 degrees Celsius, and best kept in the freezer.

Depending on the market, the Coolpack comes in 350 or 375ml sizes and is available in several international markets. In Germany, the Jägermeister Coolpack can be purchased from specialty wholesalers, at events, cash and carry outlets, and convenience shops.